Pipes & Tubes Manufacturing Process
In the process of manufacturing Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipe, Hot Rolled Strips of steel are pulled through a series of rollers and cold formed into different cross sectional tubes, the open edges are welded by electric fusion, making perfect and strong butt weld, without filler materials. Weld flash on top and inside (if needed) is trimmed out through carbide tools, then, after water quenching, slight reduction is applied to pipes with sizing rolls to give them accurate outside diameter and are cut to required lengths by saw cutter. The pipe ends are faced and goes for threading (if needed).
Plain ERW pipes are Dipped in HOT ZINC Metal for Galvanizing in making of GI Pipes & Tubes,threading & socketing are done as per customer requirement and the final products are tagged with batch no. & Date.The pipes goes through hydrostatic testing, Visual & Dimensional inspections, further after end facing & Bundling ERW Black Pipe are ready to dispatch.
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