The Management
Mr. PIYUSH KUMAR PANDEY, Chairman cum Managing Director
Mr. PANKAJ KUMAR PANDEY, Whole Time Director

The Core Management team of Shivam comprises of individuals possessing sound technical and managerial skills along with ample experience in their perspective fields. The fusion of much needed 'knowledge' and 'cooperation' is suitably there amongst all the managerial members of Shivam.
The enterprise looks up to the management team and admires it for leading the business to success, step by step, but with confidence. In every way, the management authority has taken a major stand to help prosper the enterprise, keeping aside all the other motives and this is mostly why Shivam has maintained a constant approach in reaching newer and greater heights within a short span of time. With the management team Shivam has, there's no stopping it from leading the business fields Shivam enters in, be it now or any ahead in the future..
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